Academic Tutoring
Academic Tutoring is provided at Behavioral ONE's clinic by certified Teachers.  Behavioral ONE's Academic Tutoring Program offers intensive one-to-one tutoring utilizing evidence-based interventions, curriculums, and practices.

An individualized tutoring plan is developed for you child based on parent concerns, parent input, and assessment results. Individualized tutoring plans focus on the remediation of identified deficit areas impacting your child's performance and growth academically. Additionally, our tutors provide support and assistance with the current academic skills and curriculum your child is learning in school. 

 Behavioral ONE's Tutoring Services Include

Skill Assessments
Individualized Tutoring Plans

Evidenced-based Curriculums
​Homework Help
Daily Data Collection and Analysis
Data-based Decision Making
Monthly Progress Reports​​
Parent Training and Support

​​Academic Tutoring Services are provided at Behavioral ONE's clinic in a one-to-one setting. Sessions are a minimum length of 1 hour and are scheduled to occur at least twice per week. Session length and times vary depending on individual needs, and are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 6:30pm. ​

For more information and scheduling, please contact our Director of Clinical Services: