Our mission is to simplify access to high quality assessment and treatment for all children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities. Our family focused model creates a supportive team environment to address the specific needs and outcomes of the child, while also providing support to the entire family. 
Family Counseling
Family Counseling is currently offered by our LPC on staff. Referrals can be easily made to specific  counselors based on your family’s specific needs. The coordination of family counseling sessions with your child therapy session is possible. 
Behavioral Consultation
Our therapists and service providers offer a variety of consultation services and trainings for families. We specialize in addressing not only severe problem behaviors and deficits, but also common problem and maladaptive behaviors.  These consultation services can include but are not limited to: potty training, bedtime issues, the use of timeout with toddlers, thumb sucking, noncompliance, and other mild problem behaviors.
Educational Consultation
Our clinical staff offers consultation and support regarding your child’s education. We consult with families regarding the educational system, Individual Education Plan (IEP) procedures and policies, as well as participate as part of the IEP team. We assist families in developing appropriate IEP goals and services, including strategies to monitor progress and growth. Our clinical staff work from a data based decision-making framework. We train and support families regarding this framework, including how to utilize it to support your child’s education.

Parent Training
Parent training is an integral part to all of the services offered at Behavioral ONE. Our therapists and service providers offer parent training specific to each child's individualized program. The focus of the parent training is to facilitate the use and generalization of the skills taught in the clinic to the natural environment.